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Golden Eye Trading Import Export, provides services to various international companies from Turkey to West & Central Africa, Middle East, Latin America and EU. Our import-export services team provides customized quality services to support customer shipment of goods from and to Turkey. Our partners include different local & international companies, Wholesalers and manufacturers with whom we cooperate to deliver the most outstanding service to our customers.

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  • Delight our consumers worldwide with profitable products of superior quality and value.

  • Inspire our people to work passionately and harmoniously.

  • Equip our people to be globally competitive.


  • To be globally recognized for expansion of our business into new industries and related businesses

  • Provide new avenues for growth and advancement for our company and its members.



Teamwork is at the heart of our culture. All of our truly important achievements are accomplished through team effort.


We care about the quality of our work, our relationships and contributions to our company and to the communities and industries we serve. We strive always to do the right thing, even if that means walking away from a relationship or a sale.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

We consistently expand our way of thinking through innovation & entrepreneurship. By having foresight into the market’s future direction, we can develop and implement better services that will anticipate future market needs.

Profitability and Growth

Profitability enables us to reward our team members and invest in our company’s future. Growth creates career advancement opportunities for our staff and enables us to enrich our talent pool and systems resources.

What We Serve
At high-growth industrial companies, services aren’t just an optional add-on, but an essential revenue driver deserving thoughtful investment.
  • FCL (Full container Load: 20’DC, 40’DC, 40’HC and Special containers)

  • LCL (Less than container Load)

  • Trucks


Continuous work for supplying best quality in the most favorable conditions, all flat / long / pipe & profile steel products to our customers all over the world.

Electricity equals safety, from the fuse, switch, and electrical transformers to major copper cables, supporting all projects in every field with highest quality products.

Kitchenware & tableware tools, utensils, appliances, dishes, and cookware to prepare and serve the most delicious and artful food.

Modern and classic collections of furniture and accessories, for every home and garden designs exported from the most prestigious factories to galleries around the world.

Chipboard, MDF, Melamine board and painted boards, we supply the markets abroad with the best quality wood products for individual and commercial projects.

Fabrics for every new season exported to the wide market around the world, used in home and office design, manufacturing clothing and automobile interiors.

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), also known as consumer-packaged goods (CPG), from packaged foods, beverages, to toiletries, candies, cosmetics, dry goods, and other consumables. Turkish and international brands, from local market and EU to your market.

Turkey’s fashion and textile industry is one of the leading drives of the Turkish economy. There are around 77 thousand textile companies in Turkey. 

All fashion clothing and accessories are supplied from Turkey to the world satisfying all people with quality and price.

One of the largest applications of detergents is for household and shop cleaning including dish washing and washing laundry. The formulations of these detergents are complex, reflecting the diverse demands of the application and the highly competitive consumer market. 

Turkey is a leading country in this industry, which requires the detergents to be safe to use as much as the cleaning outcome.

Writing materials, including cut paper, envelopes, writing implements, continuous form paper, and other office supplies.

The list of glassware includes drinking vessels (drinkware) and tableware, general glass items such as vases, and glasses used in the catering industry. Turkey has some of the world’s biggest factories delivering to most outstanding products in areas of quality and new season items.

Add the perfect finishing touch with home accessories. Luxury decorative accessories, from designer vases and home fragrance to cushions and wall decor. Perfect for infusing any interior with a breath of fresh air.

Quality, safety, and innovation are what drives plastic factories that we export from. Garden furniture, kitchenware, housewares, pots, children and baby needs. All products are top of the range and new collections are due for every season.

Turkey is a leading country in manufacturing, on the other hand Turkish machineries are one of the leading in the global market on both quality and cost basis.

Printing machines, filling lines, tissue paper lines, embossing and much more of machines needed in most demanding sectors.

Baby products including diapers, wet wipes, baby shampoos and baby lotions, oils, powder and cream. Priority is safety and health measures equipped with the highest quality ingredients, to ensure the baby’s comfort, safety and health.

Polypropylene Bags, also known as poly bags or pp bags, are used for many purposes including feed, corn, birdseed, and pecans. These bags are made from a plastic known as polypropylene making them very durable. Turkish manufacturers export to all over the globe the best quality with competitive prices.

PET preform, PP preform, PE closures, PET sheet, PET resin, oil edible PET preforms. Are some of the various products supplied to factories in the food and drinks domain, ensuring the high quality of preforms and end product.

Sandwich panels are the perfect construction materials for modern industrial buildings. They’re sturdy yet easy to use. They provide good insulation for thermoregulation, soundproofing, and fire protection. The panels are also customisable and affordable, for various kinds of projects.

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Golden Eye Trading’s multi-lingual and well-trained sales and marketing teams are dedicated to deliver fast, responsive customer service and consult with you for the best business outcome.
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An export traffic team that provides a competitive edge, enabling us to win and retain your loyalty and become your supplier of choice.
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The firm’s service groups all represent complimentary lines, making Golden Eye Trading a one-stop source for multiple product lines for many of its customers.
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The company field sales managers visit suppliers regularly to review trends to provide its customers with the latest and most profitable products.
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A marketing team that enables us to reach you in more compelling ways and raise our profile across industries and around the globe for the best service.
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